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Copyright and Fair Use

Note that many of the images on this site were created, by me, for licensees of various creative properties, in collaboration with other companies and studios.

Some of these, but not all, include Decipher Inc., Lucasfilm, Vivendi International, Paramont Studios, Piazo Publishing, AMA Studios, Swimways Corp., and NASA. All rights are reserved by the above companies for their respective images and properties. Images may not be linked to, downloaded, or stored elsewhere.

These images are displayed here under "fair use" as works created personally by me, used here for the sole purpose as serving as my creative portfolio, and as a representation of my workskills and craftsmanship.

I do not nessesarily claim that I retain the copyrights to any other purpose, nor should their use be construed to imply any endorsement, of me or my work, by the clients or the license holders.

Many other images within were created by myself, for myself, and I retain All rights to those.

© 2011 Joe Boulden


Horton in his tree.


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SIte Copyright © 2011 Joe Boulden. © Images All rights reserved by respective copyright holders. See declaration for details.